Webinar: Moisture in Oil Monitoring in Power Transformers

2022-9-14 15:24:15  浏览人数:

Power transformers are among the most important and expensive components of electrical supply networks. Improper maintenance poses a significant safety risk and can have serious consequences for the power supply. In the case of oil-filled transformers, the condition of the insulating oil is crucial for the operational safety and performance of the system. In particular, the moisture content of the oil must be continuously monitored in order to prevent damage or failures by taking appropriate measures. 

In this live webinar, you will learn what is important when monitoring the oil condition of transformers and which sensors can be used to precisely determine the moisture content in insulating oils.

The Webinar Content at a Glance

  • Basics on transformer technology
  • Importance of oil condition monitoring in transformers
  • Factors influencing the moisture content in oil
  • Methods for determining oil moisture (laboratory analysis vs. inline monitoring)
  • Use of moisture-in-oil sensors in practice


Who Is the Webinar For?

  • Manufacturers and operators of power transformers
  • Manufacturers of condition monitoring systems for transformers
  • Suppliers of oil purification equipment

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