E+E Sensor Coating – A Thin Layer Makes All the Difference

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E+E Sensor Coating – A Thin Layer Makes All the Difference

Relative humidity and measuring it with humidity sensors is a major factor in many areas. It influences our well-being, for example, but also the energy efficiency and safety of processes and systems, or the quality and reliability of the production process. To ensure precise monitoring and control of the moisture content, it is essential for humidity sensors to deliver exact results – even in difficult conditions. E+E Elektronik has developed a special sensor protection precisely for this use case – the proprietary E+E sensor coating. 

Challenges for humidity sensors

Humidity sensors are exposed to a variety of influences depending on the application and installation location. These factors can negatively impact on the measuring performance and shorten the sensor's service life. Specific challenges for humidity sensors include:

  • Dusty, dirty and oily environments
  • Corrosive environments/salts (e.g., off-shore applications)
  • Deposits caused by high humidity levels 

When using humidity sensors in challenging environments without appropriate protective measures, deteriorating long-term stability is noticeable and an increased occurrence of stray impedances is unavoidable. The resulting change in capacitance, which is mainly attributable to deposits and conductive particles on the active sensor surface, has a considerable influence on the measurement results.

Critical areas of use for humidity sensors include:

  • Agriculture and livestock farming (stalls, breeding stations, silos, …)
  • Drying chambers (wood, bricks,..)
  • Greenhouses 
  • Mushroom farms 
  • Meteorology

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